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Manpreet Johal,
Director, Care Concern Group,
1st Floor,
9 Progress Business Centre,
Whittle Parkway,

27 January 2016

Dear Mr Johal,


In June of last year, you wrote to members of this community to advise of the plans being progressed for the development of a nursing home in the Cramond area of Edinburgh.    Your letter described what was proposed, referred to the engagement process which would follow and invited us to use Alex Orr of Orbit Communications as our point of reference in the event of there being issues or questions we may have.

I am sure that you will have been kept appraised of progress with the plans.  One thing which this community could never be accused of is being disingenuous in the way in which we deal with issues, including planning issues.  The Community Council, and the community which it represents, have been opposed to this planned development from the outset.  Yes, there will be some who have no issue with it but we are confident that we represent the vast majority of the community in our outright opposition to what your architects are proposing for this particular site.  Orbit Communications and/or Yeoman McAllister may have given you a sense of the resistance and of the issues we have but you are their client and it is not in their interests to share with you the depth of feeling which this has aroused.

I am not going to go over the detail of the reasons why we are so against this proposal.  I would instead refer you to the attached 2 documents which have now issued to the City of Edinburgh Council’s Planning Department from our Community Council.    Notwithstanding the adjustments which have been made to the earlier drawings the prospect of a building of the magnitude and materials proposed for what is a back land site bordering a steep slope down to the River Almond and located in the heart of the Conservation Area is not one we can contemplate.

Some months ago I spoke to Tim Davison, the Chief Executive of NHS Lothian, about the concerns we had over this proposed development.  My reason for raising it with him was because of the concerns we have for what such homes bring by way of increased expectations on local general medical services.  The Cramond Medical practice is currently operating at capacity and has recently taken action to redefine its catchment area.   Tim in response asked me if the Community Council was against nursing homes.   I said that we were not; we had indeed in recent years worked with a number of developers seeking to build nursing homes and assisted living homes.  I described for him the 70 newly opened assisted living apartments at Lyle Court built by McCarthy & Stone, the 72 bed nursing home which Walkerheathcare shall be starting work on in the coming weeks on Cramond Place (less than 100 yards from the proposed Care Concern home) and the planning proposal which remains extant for a 90 bed nursing home on the AMA Homes Brighouse Park development.  The blueprint for this site which will be less than 300 yards from yours also includes provision for assisted living homes. (If you look at the AMA website you will see images of the development and of part of the greenspace that currently lies to the south of the site).  Should your company collaborate as operator of AMA’s proposed care home development at Brighouse Park, Cramond, then our Community Council will be ready to work with your company and AMA to progress appropriate plans for this site.  For further information on the proposed development see – To pick up the question asked of me by Tim Davison we remain concerned about the emerging cluster of care homes and assisted places that are in prospect for this area but we recognise that there is currently a shortage of places in Lothian and that bed-blocking remains an issue.  We have also offered some thoughts on alternative medical care models for such homes, models that are designed to alleviate the pressure on local practices.  We shall be working closely with the Integrated Health and Social Care Team which comes into being on 1 April 2106.

If the content of this letter comes as a surprise to you then I make no apologies for that.  Yeoman McAllister and Orbit Communications have engaged with the community and we have discussed points of detail with them.  But they could have been under no illusion that we have been and remain totally opposed to such a development on this site.   As we have indicated we believe that there is another more suitable site in the area – and one which has planning permission.  You should also be aware that there is one further possible nursing home development in the locality that has come on to the radar in recent weeks.  A partnership involving Barchester as the health care provider ran an open day recently in support of plans to build a nursing home on the Queensferry Road –  virtually opposite the Lyle Court development.  We expect to see the planning application for this in the coming months.

Happy to discuss.  An acknowledgment may best be sent to

All the best,

Ian D Williamson

Cc: –  Alex Orr, Orbit Communications
Steve Yeoman, Yeoman McAllister
Tim Davison, Chief Executive, NHSLothian
Cramond Medical Practice