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Andrew Marshall
Planning and Building Standards
Services for Communities
The City of Edinburgh Council
Waverley Court, Business Centre G2
4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG

22 April 2016

Dear Mr Marshall

Application 16/01316/FUL: Demolition of dwelling house and development of care home,
565 Queensferry Road Edinburgh EH4 8DU

Cramond and Barnton Community Council has been represented at presentations on the proposals, reviewed the details and consulted Community Council members and attendees at our public meeting on 21 April. While the proposals are outside our boundaries, they are in close proximity to these and of concern to our communities on traffic grounds, due to the proximity of the often heavily congested Queensferry Road at Barnton and Drumbrae Junctions.

The Community Council has noted, also, the concerns of local residents over the scale and impacts of the development, as identified during the public exhibition and in comments to the Community Council. In particular, the scale, height and proximity of the proposed development will have considerable undesirable impacts on the amenity of neighbouring properties – especially in Queensferry Road and Pinegrove Gardens.

Members of the Community Council have noted the high levels of pollution recorded at the air quality monitoring station located on Queensferry Road in the immediate vicinity of this building and question whether this is a suitable location for a care home, where many of the residents may have health issues which may be exacerbated by living in an environment with poor air quality.

The Community Council and those it represents have substantial concerns over the following traffic issues and potential hazards –
a. Traffic heading towards Edinburgh turning into the care home across outward bound traffic on Queensferry Road. Especially at peak periods, but at many times of day, there are few gaps in the two lanes of outward bound traffic, which is either travelling at close to 40mph, or at peak times forming solid queues of vehicles approaching the traffic lights at Barnton. Turning movements across such traffic will pose traffic hazards for both the turning traffic and traffic proceeding along Queensferry Road. The consultants’ suggested modifications to road markings on the right turning lane to Drumbrae from Barnton, to enable traffic turning into the care home to wait within this lane, will cause further congestion on this lane which is often heavily congested with traffic queueing back to Barnton Junction.
b. Traffic exiting the proposed care home and travelling towards Edinburgh. Traffic attempting to cross the two lanes of outward bound traffic and enter the three traffic lanes heading towards Edinburgh would both face, and pose, major traffic hazards. Such hazards will be compounded when buses are using the well-used bus stop in the immediate vicinity of the care home exit, as these will impede visibility of approaching City-bound traffic on Queensferry Road.
c. Limited provision of on-site parking and lack of safe on-street parking in proximity to the care home site. While proposed on-site parking provision meets minimum requirements, there will be occasions (e.g. ‘open days’, birthday celebrations, summer fares), which will generate above average parking demands. Such demands will prove difficult to satisfy, as parking on Queensferry Road or on Drumbrae, in the vicinity of Drumbrae Junction, is restricted, impractical and/or potential hazardous.
d. Difficulties of servicing this site during the demolition and construction periods. It is unclear what provision will be made for access and egress to the site and to prevent on-street parking by vehicles removing demolition materials and delivering construction materials, especially as the site access/egress is in the immediate vicinity of a well-used bus stop and is frequently congested by queuing traffic.

As a result of the above concerns, and should the Council decide to permit the proposed care home development, Cramond and Barnton Community Council recommend that the Council should:

i. Restrict traffic exiting the care home from turning right onto Queensferry Road, and only permit left-turning traffic, which can then turn towards the City at Barnton Junction.
ii. Provide a ‘yellow box’ road marking on Queensferry Road at the care home exit to assist traffic to exit the care home at peak periods, when there is frequently queuing traffic in advance of Barnton Junction which will prevent egress.
iii. Require additional car parking spaces within the grounds of the care home, due to the lack of safe and convenient on-street parking, to cater for special events, etc.
iv. Require the provision of a dedicated pedestrian access from Queensferry Road footway. Current proposals provide for shared vehicular, pedestrian, wheelchair users and cyclists access from Queensferry Road footway and road, with potential hazards for non-vehicular users, many of whom may be infirm, in wheelchairs, or have hearing or visual impairments.
v. Restrict movements of demolition and construction traffic during peak traffic periods on Queensferry Road and ensure that there is no obstruction of the bus stop in the immediate vicinity of the development site.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Council should you wish to discuss any aspects of the above submission.

Yours sincerely,

Peter G. Scott
Planning Representative, Cramond & Barnton Community Council