Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Chair: Andrew Mather Secretary: Ian Williamson
21 Inveralmond Drive 17 Cramond Village
Edinburgh EH4 6JX Edinburgh EH4 6NS
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Manpreet Johal
Care Holdings Limited
204 Field End Road

Dear Mr Johal,


More than three years have elapsed since I wrote on behalf of the Community Council to ensure that you were aware of the concerns of this community in relation to your company’s planned development on this site in the heart of the Cramond Conservation area. (Copy attached for ease of reference). In following up on the correspondence at the time I did manage to enjoy a telephone conversation with one of your colleagues – Raj was all the name I was given.  While he was not sympathetic to our concerns about the proposed development, he did display some interest in the prospect of other Care Homes in the locality for which planning permission was in place.  We did; however, both agree that simply because planning permission may have been granted did not mean that the development would progress.

Three years on what is the picture. Allow me to describe the current and emerging landscape of care provision.  Earlier in the year, Walkerhealthcare opened the new Cramond Residence on Cramond Place (less than 100 metres from the entrance lane to your planned home).

At the beginning of March and approximately 1.5 miles away and less than 100 metres from the Barnton Junction on the Queensferry Road, Barchester Healthcare has opened the new Queen’s Manor Care Home.  (Noting that the firm of architects and media consultants were Yeoman McAllister and Orbit Communications I would suggest that you may have already been made aware of this development).

The Queen’s Manor complements the other Care Home on Barchester’s Edinburgh portfolio – Strachan House – which is around 2 miles south-east of Cramond.   Looking slightly further afield to the Telford Road (about 2.5 miles east/south-east of Cramond) and there is (or instead will become this summer) the new Northcare Suites Care Home.    In all and by the end of this year we shall see a four-fold increase in the operational bed capacity within a 2.5-mile radius of Cramond (not counting the potential bed numbers associated with your planned development) when compared with the position of 3 years ago.

In the meantime, the Community Council have been but one of several objectors (more than 170) to the Traffic Restriction Order which the City of Edinburgh Council promoted to address one of the planning requirements of the Development Sub-Committee’s approval of the Care Concern development. We stand ready with other objectors to present our case to the Reporter to be appointed by the Scottish Government to consider the Order.  We doubtless share your frustration at the time it is taking to resolve these issues.

Yours sincerely,

Ian D Williamson

Copy to:

Raj Atwaul, c/o The Priory, Stomp Road, Burnham, Slough, SL1 7LW

Dave Sinclair, City of Edinburgh Council

Community Council Members