The Cramond & Barnton Community Council earlier in 2014 began to develop a more formal process of engagement with the Council officials in the West Neighbourhood Partnership; supported by the creation of an action plan or matrix.

This Action Plan covers various issues where there has been identified a need for service improvement or repair – or simply the need for a problem to be addressed.

The latest version of the live action plan can be found at the bottom of this page along with the latest completed items list. Successive versions will be uploaded as they emerge from the routine dialogue and engagement with the Council.

We have also uploaded a page containing some examples of other issues which have been suggested by residents in the community as issues of concern to them and ones which they would wish to see added to future versions of the plan.

You are invited to input into this process – are there local issues which concern you and which you would wish to see included in the action plan?

If there are then please let your Community Council know by e-mailing the Secretary, Ian Williamson, on

Community Action Plan – Live Items

Complete items are here

Cramond and Barnton Community Council Action Plan
Date Current Position Proposed Action Team/Department September Update October Update Target Date Community Council Priority Current Status Local Community Plan Priorities
Sept Repair harbour walls Rebuild wall Environment Local Priority 7
Sept Car parking regulations on Cramond Glebe Road as agreed with the village residents. Current temporary order has expired. Local survey carried out by CC to ask on current set up and possible minor extension to alleviate parking problems. DW to promote TRO for new lines Roads Amendments discussed with Ian order to be advertised in November DW to discuss final amendments with IW Spring 2015 Local Priority 5 Increase Opportunities for Children and Young People
Sept Promenade signage improvements and directional signposts from Car Park Assess Current signage Roads Draft signs proposal to be passed to CC by DW DW to meet with CC to discuss Spring 2015 Local Priority 11
Sept A disabled public toilet.  This will need a car parking space from the Cramond Inn for access Wall also needs repaired – investigate if this can be looked at the same time as harbour walls Ongoing Local Priority 2
Sept Disabled Bays at the Car Park, marked clearly Regrade Car park and refresh Lines Roads Lines delayed due to weather . To be progressed through October weather dependant. Lines delayed due to weather – ongoing Spring 2015 Local Priority 4 Improve the Environment
Sept Can a safety rail be installed down the steps at the Maltings Path Install hand rail Housing Brian Duffus to carry out inspection and assess whether works can be carried out as part of a NEP project. Discussion required with local organisation as to exact positioning of rail due to the narrow width of stair. Investigation is still ongoing Local Priority 3 Promote access to local History and Heritage
Sept Repair of joint ownership wall facing the promenade for health and safety reasons. Shared repairs currently engaging with owner directly. Mark Borthwick in discussion with owner around proposed development, no formal Planning Application submitted. West Environment Team to reconfigure Heris fencing to improve safety issues. Reconfigure Heris fencing Shared Repairs Service/Mark Borthwick/West Environment Team AP advised that an update will be issued w/c 10 November – AP received confirmation that an update has been sent to ‘Richard Neville-Towle’ from Mark Borthwick requesting a catch up meeting – ongoing January 2015 for agreement on way forward Local Priority 1 Build Healthier Communities
Sept The houses (Council) need painted. Currently checking ownership. The two walls at the Malting’s need re-rendered and painted. Currently checking ownership. Libby Strong, West Housing and Regeneration Team/CEC Estates Team Initial inspection carried out works to be discussed with Housing Asset Management to determine if there is any building/paint work projects that this could be added to. Referred to Estates Research for ownership check. Investigation is still ongoing Local Priority 6 & 9 Keep our Communities Safe
Sept The houses need render repairs. West Team to verify lease arrangements for No. 18 property with CEC Estates and work with them around repayment should our title deeds suggest we are responsible. Similarly checking title deeds of No. 11 Libby Strong, West Housing and Regeneration Team/CEC Estates Team Initial letter to Scouts no response, second letter being sent by Estates. Scout Group have responded – no funds available to cover this work. Estates team currently liaising with group regarding options – ongoing. Spring 2015 Support access to work, training and skills development
Sept New landscaping behind the chairs and tubs on the promenade at the Maltings. Current landscaping is looking tired and overgrown. Can this area be regenerated through a NEPS project. DW to pass details on to Douglas Cruickshank’s for assessment Parks DC had the area priced previously to remove foliage and develop a planting scheme. This came in at a cost of £9000 without any wall repairs. Area to be reassessed and considered within wider improvements including walls . Dave Sinclair has agreed to put this project onto the NEPS project bank for Almond NP. This will be submitted to the Almond NP for their approval. Next Financial Year Local Priority 10
Sept Remove saplings from the beach Remove saplings Parks The removal of the saplings are on a 5 year programme of which we are currently on year 3. Evidence of before and after can be provided if required by CC The removal of the saplings are on a 5 year programme of which we are currently on year 3. Evidence of before and after can be provided if required by CC 2016 Local Priority 12
Sept Chain Ferry. Currently in Planning process,support provided by West Team and Almond NP. First meeting of Community Trust January 2016 Jan-16
Sept Salveson Steps Identify Lead Keith Logie identified as lead – AP will email for update AP emailed Keith Logie for update – Keith Logie has provided an update & this has been forward onto IW – IW to deal direct with Keith Logie for future updates. January 2015 for agreement on way forward
Oct Barnton shops including corral for commercial bins Re-alignment of parking spaces. Pavement improvements. (To these we might add the possibility of markings for an expanded keep clear space) NEPS where required Roads Traffic management of scheme is currently being processed. Initial construction date for works was October DW recommending that this is deferred to after Xmas. This allows for Xmas tree to be installed and waste bins to be further discussed. To be programmed for March 2015 Spring 2015
Oct Safety of signage etc at junction of Maybury Road onto Queensferrry Road (green light immediately before a give way sign – which sign is not even facing the right way!) Roads Awaiting assessment. Ongoing Ongoing
Oct Opportunities to address pressure points affecting traffic congestion especially for south-bound traffic on Whitehouse Road approaching the Barnton junction Roads DW will write to Andy Bogle regarding any studies being carried out under developments or funding from Section 75’s Response from Andrew McBride to IW, DW to arrange follow up meeting with Development Control – ongoing

Community Action Plan – Completed Items

Live items are here

Issue Outcome Completion Date
Dementia Friendly Community Pilot. Currently working with West Team, HSC colleagues and Almond NP to support in Cramond and Barnton. Delivered event 10/6/14 and supporting delivery of Dementia Garden. Event delivered 10 June 2014 Jun-14
Litter picks after events Task Force carry out regular litter picks and street cleaning duties along the promenade. The west environment team attend regular planning meetings for events and allocate resources accordingly. Any specific complaints should be directed to the west environment inbox. Sep-14
Camber on pavement around 1-5 Barnton Gardens Letter issued to resident confirning camber to be compliant with current regulations Oct-14
Sand and landscaping for the fish. Due to high tides the sand around the fish has washed away and erosion has resulted on the concrete plinth for the sculpture. Repair of the coping stones adjacent to the sculpture and a hand rail has been installed by CEC. Recommend closing with monitoring of plinth to be continued by DW/DC Oct-14
James V Statute at Cramond – who owns statute AP investigated issue with Council’s Conservation Officer – Response was provided. CC and CA now considering next steps given imminence of sale of site. Oct-14
Cramond Vale road surface DW has met with Percy to look at issues . Wider capital repairs to be scored and minor footway repairs to be assessed and designed by local officer. DW to respond to Percy directly with update. Nov-14
Continuing parking problems at rear of old Barnton (including recent “burning off” of the double yellow lines ?!?) Letter has been issued to developer – Roads team to continue monitoring Oct-14
Salveson Steps AP emailed Keith Logie for update – Keith Logie has provided an update & this has been forward onto IW – IW to deal direct with Keith Logie for future updates. Nov-14

Community Action Plan – Possible Items?

Address commercial bins – disguise, reposition and provide more public litter bins
More seating – and storage around boat club to tidy up area
Address smell from sewage pumping station
Improve footpath up River Almond
Improve/extend public car parking. No car parking on lower Cramond Glebe Road
Regulation and monitoring to exclude public parking on promenade
Repair fencing along field onto promenade
More bins for litter and dog walkers
Handrail at steps at Fish
Address HGVs delivering into Village. Objective to eliminate or at least greatly reduce numbers. ? if buses are
Prohibited the why should HGVs be allowed.
Review traffic blind spots in Cramond/Barnton and introduce proportionate parking restrictions where required.