Draft Minutes of Meeting held on 15 November

2012 in Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall

Present: Andrew Mather (Chair), Patricia Eason (Secretary), Jane Neville, Percy Feketey, Ray Hayworth, Gena Wylie, David Belfall, Cameron Milne, Bert Scott and Helen Homewood. A total of 12 residents were present, including members. Councillors Norman Work, Lindsay Paterson and Alastair Shields also attended

Apologies: David Osler, Ross Wilkinson

Welcome and introductions

Andrew Mather welcomed those attending.

Police report

PC Steve Neil said that there had been a couple of offences involving breaking into cars and also one housebreaking and an attempted housebreaking. He stressed the need for car owners to ensure that their vehicles were secure, and also not to leave garden furniture where it could be used to help enter properties. He reported that this year there had only been 2 egg-throwing incidents at Halloween, but the police had recovered 18 eggs as implements intended for use in the commission of crime!

PC Neil referred to the forthcoming event on Wednesday 5 December at Drumbrae Library when there would be an opportunity to discuss the Local Policing Plan. He encouraged residents to attend as the plan was intended to reflect the views of the local community on policing priorities.

Save on your electricity

Simon Grey from Scottish Hydro gave a presentation on arrangements which were available for assessing domestic electricity usage and providing advice on potential savings.

Other issues from the public

Cameron Milne drew attention to the parking issues which arose in Whitehouse Road when parents were collecting children from Cramond Nursery. It was reported that George Kennedy from the Roads Department was considering what options were possible for parking at the nursery corner.

Andrew Mather referred to the council’s preparations for winter weather following the heavy snowfalls of a couple of years ago. There would be priority areas for snow clearance (as shown on the map displayed at the back of the hall), with associated no parking zones to enable snow ploughs to operate. He commended the council’s plans and stressed the need for residents to clear snow into their own gardens wherever possible rather than onto roads and paths.

Councillors’ reports

Councillor Work reported that he had now been appointed by the council to champion carers. Councillor Paterson said that there were still teething problems with the new arrangements for bin collection. Any special problems should be drawn to her attention.

Treasurer report

As Acting Treasurer, Andrew Mather presented the accounts for 2010-11. These showed that the community council was managing within its limited resources. There were no questions from those present.

Secretary’s report

The Secretary tabled her report. She said that following discussions with the new care manager for West Edinburgh, there was now some prospect that coffee mornings would be arranged in the Kirk Hall for those with dementia and their carers.

In response to a question she confirmed that the community council had still not received the information about airport noise promised by Gordon Robertson at the September meeting, nor had the promised visit to the airport been arranged. This was being pursued.

Next meeting

Thursday 17 January in the Millennium Hall.

Secretary’s Report November 2012

Community Choir: Due to the number of residents wishing to be part of the newly formed Community Choir, they have now moved from Drumbrae Hub Community room (which was struggling to support the numbers joining) to the Millennium Room in Cramond Kirk Hall.   This will allow more people to join.  It still meets on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm.   Even although it is now being held in the Kirk hall it is open to all to come and sing.    Being able to read music or even being able to sing is not a requirement, although too many like me and it may not work.

Barnton Ave. West BUPA planning application for a nursing home: This application has been withdrawn as it was being recommended for refusal by the city’s planners   The developers could re-submit a revised plan without paying a new planning fee.  It appears they are hoping to discuss with the planners a means of adapting the original plans to accommodate the objections to their proposals.

SEPA and the Weirs: We are still anticipating that the exhibition boards will be ready for our information soon. SEPA, for interest, is a government body with wide powers and not a local Council body.  If (and note at this stage we say if) they should wish to remove the weirs, Fair-A-Far Dam is listed and they have indicated they would go through due process to apply for planning permission. Cramond Heritage has applied for Dowies Mill Dam also to be listed.

Bin Collections: Hopefully any problems you may have been having are now resolved. If you are still having problems e-mail waste@edinburgh.gov.uk  or phone Pippa Milne at 0131 529 3030 and as a last resort contact Councilor Lesley Hinds at lesley.hinds@edinburgh.gov.uk

Riding Park Flooding problem: Just to let you know that the meeting arranged by C&BCC with Alvin Barbour, CEC flood prevention officer, and the residents of RidingPark and 4c Barnton Avenue West, appeared to go well.

Money is available now to carry out phase one of the works.  Alvin made the point that the work should be done in three stages, the first to sort the connections in the roadway entrance to RidingPark, thereafter to sort / realign the culvert through RidingPark and finally to increase the size of drain upstream towards No. 4c where the worst of the flooding exists. All understood it that this was the logical and necessary way to go forward.  Funding for phase 2 and 3 will need to be from future years’ expenditure.

Once Alvin has agreed with George Kennedy the method of the driveway closure, he will tender for the work to be done.    It could indeed start before Xmas if all goes well.  All the residents require to agree to the work being done (this appears likely) and that will be the Residents Association’s job.

Hopefully this long standing problem can now be sorted.

Care in the Community: The secretary has been asked to attend a meeting with 12 people from the City of Gothenburg’s Development Centre for Senior Citizens. It is to be able to speak of the work with the Community Council, ACFAA and other issues linked to our locality in an informal way.

The group includes a Public Relations Officer, Project Managers as well as Communications Officers and Economists and is interested in how Edinburgh is working towards being an age and market our plans and services for older people.

In 2005 the Development Centre for Senior Citizens in Gothenburg was established to support the local authority in its developments to enable older people of Gothenburg to live independent lives. The Centre’s work includes support to the local authority to become an employer of choice in the care of older people and to maintain, protect and develop the city’s employees within the care of older people.

New Petitions Committee: Members of the public and local businesses are being given a voice to influence Council decisions in the city by way of the new Petitions Committee.  The Petitions process goes live on Monday 8 October 2012, when we will begin accepting petitions.  Taking part in or creating a petition is one way that individuals, community groups and organisations can get involved in what the Council does. It allows people to raise issues of public concern and gives Councilors the opportunity to consider the need for change.

There are a range of agreed criteria for a petition to satisfy prior to confirmation of validity and consideration by the committee.   Matters that cannot be considered include those currently being considered by a committee, matters in a work programme or those that relate to a council or committee decision that has been made in the previous six months.

The Community Council is meeting in January to discuss and understand this new innovative idea and importantly learning how to use it.

Barnton Hotel Site: There has been some concern locally that this site had gone back on the market. This is not true and Michael Vipond, the architect for McCarthy and Stone, assured us as follows:

‘I am pleased to report it is just rumors. We are not selling the hotel.
The delay is the section 75 for Contributions and age restrictions is in the hands of solicitors. We expect to own the site soon. No issues as far as I am aware. We are progressing with production drawings.’

Transport Forum: On 11 October the Transport Infrastructure and Environment Committee agreed to the establishment of the Transport Forum in accordance with the Coalition Agreement. The Committee also agreed that the membership of the Forum would include up to six members of the public, and applications are now being invited.

Further information about the Forum and the application form are available at this link:


Cramond Village Parking restrictions: After a number of years and many discussions with the residents and the roads department, restricted parking in the village on the road opposite the Cramond Inn has been lifted.   This is on a trail basis for 6 months only.

The Campus: AMA is still not able to give us a report on the present position regarding their tenant negotiations.

Braehead Area: Volunteers wanted please to assist in re-establishing the Braehead Residents Association.

Friends of Cammo: We have been asked to advertise a talk given by Nick Benge from the Friends of Cammo.  Nick will be doing a slideshow presentation of the Cammo Wildflower Project and the Wildlife of Cammo on Tuesday 22nd January from 7.30 to 9.00pm. in the Millennium Room at Cramond Kirk.