Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thurs 15th Sept 2016 in

Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall

Present: Andrew Mather, Peter Scott, Percy Feketey, Bert Scott, Marion Mitchell, Jean Morley.

A total of 10 residents were present. Councillors Paterson and Work also attended.

Apologies: Ian Williamson, Jane Neville, Isla Browning, Robin White, Mark Whittet, Euan Pearson.

Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman welcomed those attending and commented that the main Agenda Item would now relate to Cammo rather than to ‘A Vision for Cramond’.

Minutes of the previous Meeting

Dennis Smith stated that ‘East’ should be deleted (twice) with reference to Barnton Avenue on the second page of the draft minutes.

Matters arising

The Chairman commented that there had been correspondence with Lothian Regional Transport about the erratic service being provided by the No 41 bus. A meeting with officials was pending.

The issue regarding dangerous car-parking on Whitehouse Road near the Primary School entrance was continuing following the start of the new school term. The NW Partnership would be examining the matter.

Police Report

PC Dowds said that the trend in housebreakings, car thefts etc. had remained subdued in August as in recent months. There had been two house break-ins at end-July/ early-August, a car stolen in Braehead Grove, a car break-in at Cramond Road, wheels stolen off another car, a break-in at the Royal Burgess Clubhouse, shoplifting at the Co-Op near the Barnton Junction and vandalism at a derelict house in Barnton Avenue West.

PC Dowds also agreed that the situation re dangerous parking on Whitehouse Road near the school entrance was ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

Tim Mitchell commented from the floor that there had been a couple of house break-ins in Davidson’s Mains, PC Dowds said there was also a slight increase in Silverknowes.
He also wondered whether there had been any progress on Police Accident statistical reporting? -The answer, not as yet.

Report on Friends of the River Almond activities

Richard Addlington reported that there were delays in progressing work on the Salvesen Steps, there had been a meeting last night with the new Council Departmental Head (Steven Webley), it would take until Feb 2017 to have the Consultants appointed.

A meeting was pending regarding the Weirs, it was agreed that passage for fish had to be improved, money was available. However, there was a fear that the Dowie’s Mill Weir would be removed, although the Fair-A-Far Weir would get a fish-ladder. Report anticipated by the end of September. Friends of the River Almond had a General Meeting arranged for next week (21 Sep 16 in Millennium Hall).

The Chairman commented on the excellent co-operation between all local interest groups.

Report on Airport Noise Consultation

The Chairman stated that the Consultation Period on take-offs and landings was closing shortly, e-mail responses could be sent. There was a good chance that the take-off pattern would be altered and there might be some benefit for landings. He himself had attended all official meetings over recent months.

Question from the floor could the landing pattern not be narrowed, the paths shown on diagrams was very wide? Answer- current navigational beacons will be removed in 2 years, new technology should be able to narrow the landing approach, answers by Jan 2017.

Friends of Cammo Vision for Cammo Estate

Nick Benge spoke on this topic. He said that a Heritage Lottery Fund Bid could provide a large sum of money over a 2/3-year timescale. What should the Estate look like? The City Council had received £400K from the sale of Home Farm, this could be the catalyst for the Bid. A ‘Vision Report’ has been prepared and circulated (afternote- Report available on Friends of Cammo FB Page). Results of consultation would enable an Agenda to be set. Currently, a poor ‘Management Plan’ exists, the new Vision could enable changes to be made.

Planning Issues

Peter Scott said that following the previous Study by College Students some of the proposals considered viable were being worked-up, there would be an Exhibition in the Millennium Hall on 12 Nov 2016 covering streetscape in the Old Village etc.

The CC had responded to the Council’s ‘Open Space Study’, we are unhappy about expenditure cut-backs, Salvesen Steps should be short, not long-term, and there is no reference to Cammo Estates!

Development Plan Review- Reporter’s Recommendations are really binding on the Council and will be adopted into the new Local Plan- major housing has been accepted at Maybury and Cammo although cumulative and cross-boundary issues (traffic etc.) have to be taken into account. Comment- City Initiative proposals for New Capital Infrastructure Projects in West Edinburgh and surrounds were to be considered by the CC by Dec 2016, agreed that situation would be monitored by CC.

Care-Home- a strong case was made by CC in opposing the plan but after a site visit, the Planning Committee approved it by 7 votes to 6, on the casting vote of the Chairman. Proposals still need Building Consent, concerns remain on access and sightline issues etc and lawyers (but not through CC) are looking at decision-appeal possibilities.

Questions from floor- concern about the way the Planning Committee considered the Application and how the Approval Vote was taken- answer from Chairman, legal costs of any judicial review at least £1K but could be up to £30K. Issues such as burden on local health provision considered inconsequential. Also, concern about the quality of Officials’ Reports to Elected Members.

Cammo Home Farm – planning application for single-house lodged, CC supports

Craigiehall – consultants acting for Developer have approached 3 CCs for discussions but we have not agreed as considered premature (comment- Reporter also considers that housing allocation to this site should not be considered at this time).

CC Elections 2016

The Chairman introduced the subject, several existing members had intimated that they would not be standing for re-election. Councillor Paterson intimated that she was the Returning Officer, Applications (proposed and seconded) had to be returned to herself by Monday 26 September. There were 15 Elected Committee Members vacancies plus 7 Nominated Committee Members, 22 in total. If there were more candidates than vacancies Council Elections would be held on Thursday 27 Oct 2016. Information, proformas for downloading are available on the City Council Website.

Councillors’ Reports

Councillor Work intimated he had met with the Airport Action Group, a joint Report from all 3 Councillors had been prepared. He is also meeting with Planning Officials regarding the Cramond Campus site.


Chairman reported that there had been a bad accident at the Cammo Estate junction with Maybury Road, this was under investigation regarding road-markings.

A Meeting re Brighouse was arranged for 28 Sep 2016 at 7.30pm.

Next meeting

  • Thursday 20 October 2016

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