Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thurs 18th April 2019 in

Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall

Present: Andrew Mather (Chair), Ross Wilkinson, Peter Scott, Jean Morley, Percy Feketey, Tim Mitchell, Cllrs Lang and Work and 7 Members.

Apologies: Ian Williamson (Secretary), Marion Mitchell

Minutes of March 2019 Meeting

The draft minutes of the March meeting were approved.


Welcomed those present and said that the Secretary was absent as he was attending at an important Edinburgh Association of Community Councils’ Meeting which was discussing governance rules for Community Councils.

Police Report

PC Sam Davison gave the monthly Report as follows. Comparative crime statistics for March 2019 compared with March 2018 were generally down e.g. vandalism 15 were reduced to 11 and number of thefts were also fewer. However, the youth disorder centred on Lauriston Castle grounds was prevailing and extra police resources (task force in van) had been successfully deployed.

Tim Mitchell commented that there had been two ‘disruptive’ evenings earlier this week, also two youths on bicycles had stolen signs off the newly reinstated park gates. There was to be a meeting tomorrow with Inspector Elliot and the Tesco store manager which he would be attending, to review the situation.

There were no questions from the floor.

Airport Update

The Chairman said that it was unlikely that any changes would be made before next year. Tom Wylie was taking his place on the Airport Advisory Committee. The most recent Issue was concerned with the increase in Night Flights Cllr Lang said that ‘night charges’ were being

increased. The matter of ‘night flying noise’ would probably be discussed at the next meeting. He agreed that further action was required.

TRO for Glebe Road Care Home

The Chairman said that an Inquiry Reporter had been appointed, there were 170 Objections. The CC would expect to be called to give evidence. More info including traffic surveys had been collected. A Report had been prepared and was ready to go. A questioner from the floor asked whether the ownership of a required strip of land had been resolved?

The Chairman said that a Plan was awaited, which would be relevant to the Inquiry – if owned by a private individual would not be sold! Mr. Skinner commented from the floor that Approval for the Care home had been given some 3 years’ ago in Dec 2016, but it was unlikely that it could go ahead within the 3-year timescale. We would be looking for a complete Re-submission rather than a Time Extension.

Cllr Lang said that the Developer could request a Re-submission but if there were more than 20 Objections or the CC was an Objector the matter could not be delegated to an Official and would have to be dealt-with by the Planning Committee. The Developer could argue that delays were not of his making. The Chairman said that the original Planning Approval had been given on the casting vote of the then Chairman, at the time there was a perceived shortage of Care homes however that was no longer the case, circumstances had changed.

Salvesen Steps

The Chairman said that more money had been found (cost now up to £1m), John Dods commented from the floor that he had noticed yellow markings on some rocks below the cliff-face, he assumed that survey works were underway.

Dowies’ Mill Weir

Andrew Mather considered that the Council’s ‘solution’ was likely to be much more expensive if they had got it wrong – along with other parties the CC was making a case against this solution.

Bus Services

The Chairman and Secretary had examined possible extension of the No 13 LRT Service to serve Cramond and Barnton. Unfortunately, there was a difficulty in getting a response from

the LRT Official dealing with the matter. In general, we have a general Complaint about lack of response to CC emails by Council Officials. Peter Scott concurred.

Transport and Environment Committee

The Chairman reported that along with other CC Chairmen he had met with the Committee Convener to discuss the West Edinburgh Traffic Problems. A further Meeting had been arranged for mid-May. Percy Feketey said he would produce a short Report with his ‘professional view’ on the matter to assist the Chairman.

Almond Community Safety Panel- Sponsored Community Safety Event 01 May 2019

Percy Feketey said that he was Chairman of the Panel which had originated several years’ ago under the auspices of the former Lothian & Borders Police. It was now a ‘meeting place’ for Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators to discuss community safety issues and was attended by our local Police Sergeant and staff reps from Neighbourhood Watch Scotland as well as Neighbourhood Watchkeepers. It was well-supported by the NW Edinburgh Community Safety Network Forum and meetings were held at 3-monthly intervals.

He then distributed a Flyer advertising a Community Safety Event to be held at the Leonardo Hotel, 187 Clermiston Road, Edinburgh EH12 6UG on 01 May 2019, 7pm-9.30pm. Our Councillors had been invited as well as our MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton who would be giving the Vote of Thanks. He hoped that Members of our CC would attend.

Planning Report

Peter Scott presented the Report, attached to the Minutes of the CC Meeting of 18 April 2019 (to be added later).

Councillors’ Reports

Norman Work referred to the AMA Campus Development and to the lack of progress on the playing-fields land. Kevin Lang opined that the Developer might be in breach of planning approval as the promised facilities were not provided. There was discussion as to whether the land could be taken over by the Council with a suitable financial incentive. Potential Sports

Operators (tennis, etc.) were apparently no longer interested. There was a feeling that AMA just wanted to build more houses, irrespective of their planning conditions.

Kevin Lang said that some Residents in Cammo wanted Cammo Road to be either closed-off or made one-way. The matter was on-going.

Acronym’s used in these minutes
  • TRO = Traffic Regulation Order
  • LRT= Lothian Regional Transport

Date of Next Meeting

  • Thursday 16 May 2019