Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thurs 18th February 2016 in

Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall


Present: Andrew Mather, Ross Wilkinson, Ian Williamson, Peter Scott, Percy Feketey, Bert Scott, David Belfall, Isla Browning, Jean Morley.
A total of 10 residents were present. Councillors Shields and Paterson also attended.

Apologies: Jane Neville, Patricia Eason, Robin White, Mark Whittet.

Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman welcomed those attending and passed his role to the Secretary, Ian Williamson, as he had been on vacation and was not fully up to date.

Minutes of the previous Meeting

Ian Williamson dealt with minor comments. David Belfall then raised the issue of the relationship of the newly-formed Airport Action Group with the Community Council, which the Community Council had voted to support at the Meeting of 21 January 2016. There was comment from the floor that the AAG could be ‘under the auspices’ of the CC however Andrew Mather felt that it should be a separate Group, not reporting to the CC. He already represented the CC as an AAG Group Member as did Stefan Slater on behalf of the Cramond Association. Andrew Mather said that a Meeting of the AAG was being held on 19 February and the matter would be revisited/ clarified.

Police Report

No Report was presented in the absence of the Police. Tim Mitchell asked if there was clarification of the issue of statistical data on burglaries etc. being provided in the Police Report? Cllr Shields said that the matter was being raised through CEC. Mr Mitchell said that recent Police Reports had been inconsistent e.g. using calendar month data and then using data between CC monthly meetings. There should be a standard template in use. Peter Scott suggested that as a CC Meeting only lasted 1.5 hours the Police Reports should be as concise as possible.

Cramond Road North/ Gamekeepers Road/ Whitehouse Road Debate

Ian Williamson said that the main topic for discussion was the ‘status’ of this route, the CC had been asked by the West Team to provide a ‘community-view’. There was also the question of the Lauriston Farm Road/ Cramond Road North Junction, should traffic signals be installed? Tim Mitchell commented that the costs of signals (£100K) were too high, also the imposition of 20mph speed limits in Davidsons’ Mains might affect traffic patterns so it was perhaps too early to consider this. Peter Scott said- should Gamekeepers Road perhaps be closed to through traffic? Further comment considered that this was unlikely given the lack of alternative routes available, however road markings like ’30 mph roundels’ might assist traffic calming/ reduction in speeds. David Belfall asked about Barnton Grove/ Barnton Park Crescent, residents felt ‘hemmed-in’. Carriageway markings are so worn that the road layout was confusing. A comment from the floor was whether traffic surveys had been updated? Andrew Mather said that this had not been done. Percy Feketey said that he had already raised the matter of the lack of reliable traffic data at the Neighbourhood Partnership Transport Sub-Group and would continue the debate at the next Meeting in early March 2016. Peter Scott commented that the existing pedestrian crossing at the shops should perhaps be a zebra?

Ian Williamson said that the provision of a left-turn lane at the Whitehouse Road/Queensferry Road Junction should be costed as part of the carriageway resurfacing scheduled to be done 2016/2017.

He also said that the ‘School Streets Initiative’ on the roads near the Primary School had resulted in dangerous parking on Whitehouse Road. Stefan Slater commented that the situation was ‘chaotic’ and road safety had deteriorated. School staff were unable to park, was there not some space available within the school grounds? He had recently written to the School about the situation. Ian Williamson said he would also write on behalf of the CC.

David McGowan wondered if there should be an official ‘drop-off’ area for pupils. Comments were made that ‘drop-off’ waiting times were shorter than ‘pick-up’ times when children were being collected. David Belfall wondered whether anything was being done about the equally-chaotic parking near the Nursery School. Ian Williamson said that we had been complaining about this for several years with no success.

Planning Issues Report

Peter Scott advised that the sale of Cammo Home Farm had now been concluded. 3 Signs were in place for the Interpretation Project. The Heritage Lottery Fund Bid for funds towards ‘Discovering Cramond’s Heritage’ had been refused however there was an opportunity to re-apply with an Amended Application.

The voluntary organisation ‘Coastwatch Edinburgh’ wished to site 2 portacabins along the shoreline to be ‘manned’ by watchkeepers for a few hours each week. The Meeting agreed NOT to support the proposal as portacabins would not be appropriate in visually intrusive locations on the waterfront and within the Conservation Area.

There was to be a Public Exhibition of the Craigs Road/ Maybury Road housing proposals on 14 April between 2pm and 8pm in the Marriott Hotel and the Plans can also be viewed at Drumbrae Library between 18 and 22 April 2016.

Councillors’ Reports

Cllr Paterson said there were continuing problems with bin-collections. The Council were in receipt of £400,000 from the sale of Cammo Home Farm to Mr and Mrs Shinwell. This money would be used for improvement works in Cammo Estate.

Cllr Shields said that the proposed Application for the Care Home behind Cramond Glebe Road had received some written support. The Cargilfield School Burser was willing to be involved in discussions on parking issues. On potholes, the CEC had allocated £15m for repairs.

Secretary’s Report

Ian Williamson said that road potholes should be reported via CLARENCE, alternatively directly to the West Team.

On the proposed Care Home, he had wondered whether the Client (Care Concern) was aware of the local opposition to the proposals. After some difficulty he had managed to speak on the phone to the firm’s Director and pointed-out that were several other similar developments in the area. The CC were not opposed to care-homes, only to the considered unsuitability of this particular site.

He had also attended a Meeting along with a few other Committee Members, set-up by Blackhall CC with LRT to consider a proposed Airport Bus Service along Queensferry Road. The idea was not viewed sympathetically however, LRT felt it would not be viable commercially and the journey would take 10/15 minutes longer than the direct service through Corstorphine. It was of course open for Blackhall CC to approach another Operator such as Stagecoach.

Next Meeting

  • Thursday 17 March 2016- CEC West Team Presentation

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