Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thurs 19th May 2016 in

Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall

Present: Andrew Mather (Chair), Ian Williamson (Secretary), Peter Scott, Ross Wilkinson, Bert Scott, Percy Feketey, Jean Morley, Eaun Pearson and Gena Wylie.  A total of 22 people were in attendance including Councillors Lindsay Paterson and, Norman Work.

Welcome and introductions

The Chair welcomed those attending and noted apologies from David Belfall, Mark Whittet,  Isla Browning, Jane Neville and Gena Wylie.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 21 April was approved.

Police Report

 The police report was given by PC Jim Kelly supported by PC Joanna Coull.  There had been 18 recorded crimes in the 4 weeks to 19 May, 5 of which had been solved.  These included vandalism, housebreakings and attempted break-ins (including to garden sheds and garages). More worrying was an incident that took place on 22 April on Whitehouse Road where 2 children were approached by 2 men in a car in what was believed to be an attempted abduction.  The Police had carried out a stranger danger talk at the local primary schools.  PC Kelly also mentioned that they had been copied into communications from the CEC West Team about the imminent TROs to be introduced on Cramond Glebe Road (the CC will pursue this with the West Team for more detail about timing etc.

Salvessen Steps

Coinciding with what should have been a pleasurable celebration of the 50th birthday of the opening of the Salvessen Steps had come the communication that, owing to the deterioration of part of the structure, the steps had been closed.  Richard Adlington summarised the history of the Steps up to and including the more recent frustrated efforts to plan for a replacement structure; the preferred option being a suspended boardwalk around the rocky knoll.   More pressing at this time was the closure of the existing structure and with it the ability to enjoy the Almond walkway from the Cramond harbour to the Cramond Brig – and beyond.  It was noted that officials were of the view that the repairs to the Steps could be carried out at a cost of less than £3000 in which case speedy progress could be expected.  If the costs were to exceed this value then the process would have to go to tender and with it a delay beyond the summer could be expected.   It was agreed that Council officials should be invited to come to the next meeting of the CC to set out their plans.

Resurfacing of Cramond Road North

Signage which had been appearing in recent days about the imminent resurfacing on Cramond Road North from the junction with Gamekeepers Road had been confusing.  The Chair had received an update some hours before the meeting.  Key points were that the works would begin on Monday 30 May, they would be conducted through the twilight hours and would run for around 2 weeks.

Royal High School Clubhouse

The issue concerning the action to try to increase the opening hours of the High School clubhouse continued to meet with a mixed reception.  Many were supportive, or as a minimum, had no concerns.  There were however a few householders close to the entrance to the campus who were opposed to the proposals arguing that there was already increased traffic and parking in the area, especially around their houses.

There was an inflexibility about the extent of the extended order to be provided by the Council fuelling fears about a significant increase in the number of openings.   Dialogue remained ongoing in an effort to achieve a compromise.

Airport Report

The Airport Acton Group representatives had met recently with the Airport Action Committee.  The Airport remained committed to achieving greater efficiency in the deployment of aircraft.  It had recently begun to send aircraft out northbound at 1 minute intervals.   Noise or the perception of noise remained the issue of greatest concern on the AAG.  An Independent Noise Control Committee was to be established with access to professional aviation advice and with a role to monitor noise levels.

Sub-Group Updates.

The forthcoming Neighbourhood Partnership Transport Sub-Group meeting may provide an opportunity at which to raise the issue of the impact on the people of Cramond of the decision to withdraw the subsidy from the Horsburgh No 64 and to do away with the Lothian Buses No 42 weekend service.  It was agreed that the Secretary should write to Lothian Buses and the Council to exhort them to review some of the other local bus services in the North West Edinburgh and to ask them to consider the scope for extending some of these other services to bring them down into the Village.

Planning Issues Report

 Peter Scott and Eaun Pearson had spoken to the owner of the Falls Café about her plans for siting a boat at the dock in front of the café.  The intention was to provide a houseboat for her own personal use.  They had made her aware of a number of real practical challenges.  She was going to reflect further.

Maybury Road/Craigs Road Housing Development Plan (16/00837/PAN).

While lying just outside the CC area its proximity to Cammo and the potential impact on the roads network serving the CC area the CC had felt it necessary to write to the Council opposing the proposed development but offering some views on how the impact of the development could be ameliorated if it were to proceed.  A draft was being prepared to cover the following specifics:

  1. housing development in the vicinity of Craigs Road be limited to two storeys in height and that a wider tree belt than currently proposed on the southern side of Craigs Road be established to protect the skyline views as observed from residential areas to the north (e.g. Cammo, Strathalmond) and from the recreational areas and designed landscapes of Cammo Estate parkland
  2. no development other than road widening should be permitted on land to the north of Craigs Road and a substantial tree belt should be provided along the northern and eastern boundary of this land to screen traffic passing along the skyline on Craigs Road
  3. landscaping of development along the eastern boundary of the site in the vicinity of Maybury Road should seek to the minimise the landscape impacts of housing development from the Maybury Road and residential areas to the east of Maybury Road.

Murray Garden District

 The proposal for the development of up to 3,000 houses on land adjacent to the city bypass near Gogarburn had been supported by the Planning Committee of the Council but, given the magnitude, would go before the full Council for approval.  Norman Work added that he had been involved in the discussions concerning this development.  There was a sense amongst Councillors that supporting the development at the Murray Garden District may take some of the pressure to build on other locations in the North West, including at Cammo.

Councillor’s Reports

Norman Work had nothing to add to his comments about the Garden District.  Lindsay Paterson added her sense of dismay at the loss of the Salvessen Steps and that she and her colleagues would continue t press for an early resolution.

Other Matters

Percy Fekety reported on the recent rejigging of the Community Safety Panel with renewed expectations of improved engagement with the police.  This and the Almond Community Safety Panel provided a conduit for keeping the police appraised of issues of concern to the local community.  These covering South Queensferry. Kirklistion, Cramond and Barnton.    Percy also raised the issue of whether or not the Cc should have a presence at the June Davidsons Mains Fair.    There were mixed views on the value of this but it was agreed that we should be represented given the forthcoming CC elections. Participation would be an opportunity to inform people of what the CC does and supports and to invite them to consider whether the CC is something which they may wish to help.

Next Meeting:

  • Thursday 16 June 2016

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