Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thurs 20th September 2018 in

Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall

Present:Andrew Mather (Chair), Ian Williamson (Secretary), Peter Scott, Percy Feketey, Bert Scott, Ross Wilkinson, Tim Mitchell, Michael Dick and Marion Mitchell. Gena Wylie and Jean Morley had given their apologies as had Councillor Young. A total of 22 people were in attendance including Councillors Work, Lang and Hutchison.

Police Report

The Police report was given by PC Sam Davidson on behalf of PC James Kelly.   The past month had seen a number of housebreaking’s, attempted housebreaking’s and break-ins to garages.  There had been several incidents of wilful damage to cars and the challenges associated with groups of youths congregating (Lauriston Castle and at the Cramond walled garden) continued.

Several the incidents of damage arose as youths dispersed.  The police had met with partner services to develop policies for trying to discourage these gatherings.  The absence of constructive and enjoyable activities for youths was an issue not helping.  The issue also impacted on the sense of safety amongst the elderly and was serving to discourage some from going out thereby fuelling social isolation.

Minutes of June Meeting

The minutes of the June meeting were accepted subject to the attendees list being adjusted to reflect the fact that Ross Wilkinson had been in attendance.

Chairman’s Report

The Chair reported on the airport.  The hope that the area may have benefited from offset arrivals avoiding the current approach line was now lost on safety grounds.  For this to be achievable aircraft would have to be able to line up from 2 miles out and this was not technically achievable by most aircraft.  The Noise Advisory Board would be asked to consider whether there were any measures which may be capable of being implemented which may mitigate the noise associated with the approach over the locality; looking again at insulation was mentioned.

The outcome to the considerations regarding the north bound departures was awaited; if the proposed adjusted approach was adopted then it was likely that it would be introduced in the Spring of 2019.  It was again noted that there had been a very vocal and well-orchestrated campaign against the proposed departure route from communities in Fife including around Dalgety Bay reflecting concerns that the new route would impact adversely on their communities.  Stefan Slater made the point that the proposed new route which offered some small relief to the Cramond and Barnton community had not come about as a result of pressure from the community but from the Airport in response to overtures from the CAA.  This was not how the proposal was being represented by our Fife neighbours.   It was also noted that the misrepresentation of the response to the consultation on the proposed flight path has now been corrected and the various stakeholders notified of the true picture.

On night flying the point was made that the Airport was now seeking to discourage any new night time flights and that it was indeed looking at increasing the landing fees for night flights.  It was to be hoped that the Airport would adopt a voluntary code of managing night flights and that regulation could be avoided.

Councillors Report

Councillor Hutchison advised that his “mail box” was consumed with concerns about traffic and congestion on the Queensferrry Road; issues on parts of Avon Road (about which he was in discussion with officials; street cleaning and bin collection services and problems with the schools warning signs not working to the correct timetable for warning road users.

Councillor Work said he remained vigilant to the issues regarding Dowies Weir noting concerns about the risk to the millpond.   He would chase up officials.

Planning and Secretary’s Reports

The meeting then moved to agenda items 6 and 7 with Peter Scott and Ian Williamson being invited to use the September Report as the basis for their presentations.

Acronym’s used in these minutes

  • CAA = Civil Aviation Authority

Date of Next Meeting

  • Thursday 18 October 2018