Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thurs 21st September 2023 in

Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall

Present: John Loudon (Chair), Sally Chalmers (Vice-Chair), Peter Scott (Planning Lead), Dianne Stein, James Hancock, Bert Scott, Percy Feketey and 7 members of the community

Apologies: Ian Williamson, Robert Bruce, Gena Wylie, Aaron McKeen (Airport Rep), John Howison. No Councillors were present (afternote – Cllr Louise Young apologised for herself and Cllr Lang due to a family emergency)

Approval of June 2023 Minutes  

The minutes of the June meeting were approved.

Introductory Remarks

The Chair welcomed those present and noted that the new Notice Boards had been erected with the aid of a grant to the Community Council from the Council’s Community Fund and assigned funds from the Association’s own resources. Funding for our Newsletter had also been allocated. Work had been done on the Consultation Review of Community Council Boundaries with suggestions from ourselves regarding the incorporation of Craigiehall Former Barracks in our domain along with adjustments at our boundary with Davidson’s Mains which would be acceptable to Davidson’s Mains and Silverknowes Association. The Chair also intimated that Residents with specialised skills in planning, transport etc. would be most welcome to ease the burden on our Planning Rep (Peter Scott) and Secretary (Ian Williamson).

Bus Services

The Chair reported on concerns over the 47 replacing the 41 as the 47 did not give access to The Mound but utilised Lothian Road. If you wish to complain this should be directly to LRT who report that they are not receiving any. John Loudon said he was waiting for LRT to respond to a request for new legislation to ensure that there were statutory consultation processes in place before bus services were changed. In the meantime, it had been agreed that LRT should consult with City Councillors about any proposed alterations.

There was also news that tendering for subsidised bus services (such as Cramond to The Gyle) would start in Jan 2024. (Afternote- While this news is to be welcomed until we see what exactly is being proposed it may be speculative to assume that a service will be in operation early next year and how well it addresses the connectivity gap south bound towards the A8 corridor. The CBCC has submitted a number of questions to the responsible official and has sought assurances about whether we are to expect any further engagement regarding route options. A reply remains outstanding).

Edinburgh Airport

Dianne Stein reported that a new Chair of the Consultative Committee had been appointed. Apparently 36% of travellers now come to the airport by public transport. A new noise-measuring device costing £50,000 was being put in place at Cramond Primary. The Chair commented that the Airport did not respond to noise-complaints which should be answered within 8 days. Peter Scott said that noise measurements were recorded as averages over time periods so ‘peaks’ were ironed out, but it was the peaks that mainly disturbed people and affect health, especially at night. The Airport was also looking for local bids for funds for worthwhile projects.

AMA Campus Site

The Chair reported that he had been pleased with recent progress, and a Drop-In Exhibition would be displayed in the Kirk Hall between 4pm and 8pm on Thursday 28 September 2023 by the Consultants/ AMA Team. He noted that there had been inputs from the parents of children and many from children re facilities. There would be no provision for playing cricket, but an artificial turf pitch would be laid. The City Planners were party to the progress made, everything planned was evidence-based. Given the many care-homes on-stream the care-home to be provided would be geared to ‘later living.’ A dedicated bus-stop would be necessary. The Site would need a new name and the Chair invited suggestions but did not consider that ‘Cramond Campus’ would be appropriate.

Cramond Surgery

No progress in better communications had been made as yet. Percy Feketey said he had heard that a male Doctor was now on the staff. Gena Wylie to keep us up to date. Sally Chambers requested that the communication of surgery meeting outcomes be on the agenda as this has not materialised from previous CC meetings.

Queensferry Road 30 mph Speed Limit

It was reported that implementation would be from March 2024, not August 2023 as previously indicated.

West Edinburgh Developments

Peter Scott said it was a vast development of 14,000 houses based on 20-minute Zones. There would be big impacts on Barnton and Maybury Junctions but no direct effects on our CC.

Meeting with CEC Officials

A Meeting was being arranged with Dave Sinclair on various outstanding roads issues including Barnton Junction.

Planning Issues

Peter Scott led on this topic. He mentioned that an application had been lodged for conversion of the former Bank at Barnton Junction to a Bistro with 80-place Cover. General discussion ensued although there were concerns about the sufficiency of parking and it is spread to adjacent residential streets and the affect on the ‘sandwich trade’ on shops like the Post Office which has a bakery as ancillary business. It was however agreed to support the Application.

Two other Bids for the purchase of the same site were noted, one relating to the Provision of a Wellbeing Centre for Cancer Patients was briefly discussed as a rep from the local supporting Charity was in the audience. Peter Scott felt however that the Charity should look at a location at the Cramond Campus Site as he felt this would be more suitable for their needs. The third Bid was not discussed. Peter then mentioned an application at 2 Cammo Place to provide an extension to an existing bungalow, involving a new roofline which he felt would be out of character.

It was agreed not to object but to spell-out reservations. He then reported that the Draft City Plan 2030 had now been passed for scrutiny to Independent Reporters who would be conducting a Hearing and would submit their Report to the Council and to the Scottish Government. Adoption of City Plan 2030 is expected in 2024. Work on City Plan 2040 has already commenced, and consultations will start soon.

Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 19 October 2023