Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thurs 21st September 2017 in

Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall

Present: Andrew Mather (Chair), Ross Wilkinson (Vice-Chair), Peter Scott, Percy Feketey, Tim Mitchell, Bert Scott, Grant McCulloch and Gena Wylie. A total of 18 people were in attendance including Councillors Kevin Lang, Graham Hutchison and Norman Work.

Welcome and introductions

The Chair welcomed those attending and noted apologies from Ian Williamson and Jean Morley.

He commented that as the Secretary was not present, any comments on the Minutes of the previous Meeting should be referred to Ian Williamson.

The dangerous parking on Whitehouse Road near the Primary School was of ongoing concern, and the Police supported rectifying action. Letter being drafted to Peter Strong (NW Locality Manager) that there would be legal consequences for Council officials if there was an accident at this location. Copy of letter to be sent to CC Chief Executive.

20mph Limits had been implemented, some signs badly-sited, blocking pavement access for prams etc which necessitated remedial action.

Question from Floor- ‘boy racers’ in Whitehouse Road? Sgt Homewood said that Police
would monitor speeds, as previously done.  

Police Report

The Police Report was given by Sgt Homewood covering the month of August 2117.There had been 2 house break-ins (Cammo Gardens and Cammo Grove), A motorcycle was stolen in Avon Road 16/17 August and a pedal-cycle on 9/10 August, both thefts involved cutting through security locks. Also, break-in at Lauriston Castle and instance of abusive behaviour on 41 Bus by male towards young female.

Successes- East Barnton Gardens/ East Barnton Avenue, 13-year old girl charged with abusive behaviour. On 08 August an 18-year old male was charged with breaking bail conditions. Youngsters (14-year old upwards) charged with motor-cycle offences on 03 August. Also, £5,500 value cycles and motor-cycles have been recovered. (Later comment from Tim Mitchell, there had been a spate of burglaries in Silverknowes).

Cramond 2030 Vision Action Plan

Duncan Fraser said that the Vision Group which he Chaired had a specific Remit, and he wished to thank Peter Scott and Kit Campbell in particular, for the work they had undertaken. All individual local Organisations with an interest were represented, and the Public Exhibition in Nov 2016 had attracted 100 people, with 84% support for the Proposals. The purpose was to produce ‘joined-up thinking’ which was important when seeking external funding as well as being a necessary City Council requirement.

Nine Action Areas had been identified as per the ‘summary action plan’ (attached) and of these, three – the Village Car Park, Waterfront Accessibility and Streetscape were being prioritised. There were also several ‘quick wins/ short-term projects’ as per the ‘summary action plan’. He wished to have the Meeting’s endorsement of what had been done and what was being proposed.

The Chairman thanked Duncan Fraser for his presentation and said there had been good collaboration across several Groups and a huge amount of work had been accomplished and remained to be done.

Tim Mitchell said he was impressed with the Report and said that improvements to the foreshore could extend to Silverknowes, he was interested in the details.

In the absence of any contrary views at the meeting or as a result of the e-mail consultation with CBCC members, the CC’s endorsement of the Action Plan is confirmed.

Planning Report

Peter Scott summarised recent Applications as follows:

  • Maybury Development- 1400 Houses plus School and Commercial Activities (West Craigs Ltd)
    CEC refused development, reasons included land north of Craigs Road not identified for housing in LDP, greenbelt designation, impacts on Cammo Estate.

The applicants have appealed and CC has written to Inspector-supporting Council’s Refusal, particularly in respect of inclusion of land north of Craigs Road. Also, CC has highlighted potential impacts of closure of Turnhouse Road on emergency traffic for Edinburgh Airport; need for more detailed consideration of means of mitigating cumulative traffic impacts of HSG19 and HSG20 development sites on Maybury Road and Barnton Junction; potential for underpass under Craigs Road (main access/egress road for development) to provide safe pedestrian/cyclist link (Cammo Walk greenway and access to new Primary School).

  • Retirement Complex/ Care Home at 4 Barnton Avenue West
    45 Objections; 2 letters of support; CC submission not on website (remedy sought).
    Awaiting Council Officer’s assessment. Possible delays due to drainage issues, etc.
  • 33 Barnton Avenue- New House in grounds of Existing House
    Site on south side of Barnton Avenue, low key new home in wooded area with green roof.
    18 Objections, CC Objection following public concerns due to impact of wooded site.
    Application Approved.
  • 192 Whitehouse Road- Alterations to House and Development of Garage
    One of two ‘arts and crafts’-style houses opposite Royal Burgess Clubhouse. Proposed major renovations to house including changes to roof and façade- would replace one of the two symmetrical facades with small scale traditional windows with large scale full height window/ metal cladding. Proposed development of garage to include residential development above and space for parking 4 cars and 4 motorcycles at ground level. Possibility of subsequent modification to create full-scale two-storey house (not in application). CC Submission seeking Refusal due to scale and visual effects of changes to house and scale and details of garage development. If approved, CC seeking Conditions to prevent future residential or commercial use of garage. 18 objections. CC recommended refusal due to scale and details of changes to house and garage.
  • Cammo Fields Development- Initial Meeting with CALA / David Wilson Homes Prior to Pre-Application Consultations

Public Exhibition in Millennium Hall 10-11 Nov 2017

3rd Party Rights of Appeal re Planning Applications- Parties other than developers were lobbying on this but although the Planning System was under review such rights are not to be included in the Scottish Planning Bill. There still were opportunities however to lobby MSPs by supporting ‘the equal rights of appeal’ Campaign being run by Peter Scott had postcards for mailing MSPs. He himself favoured a community right of appeal subject to defined thresholds (e.g. number of objectors, CC Support).

Chairman stated that Peter was doing excellent work on our behalf. He himself had attended a recent meeting in the City Chambers and had felt that the new Planning Committee Chairman might be more supportive of improving the planning process.

Percy Feketey was concerned about the lack of information on the ‘City Deal Initiative’, he had heard mention of a £20m budget but that was all. Cllr Lang said that the £20m was part of a £76m budget, largely related to improvements in the A8 Corridor but doing nothing for the Maybury Road, Barnton Junction, etc. He said that there still was a ‘City Council ‘view’’ that traffic congestion could be relieved by ‘tinkering’ with the traffic-signal settings’!

Questioner from floor said that that contrary to City Council’s belief, traffic from Cammo Fields etc. would use the Barnton Junction and Queensferry Road as this was the quickest way heading east. Another questioner asked about the additional traffic lane mooted for the Barnton Junction – Chairman said this was still a possibility.

Peter Scott said that CALA had suggested that they should meet with CC and Council prior to submitting a planning application to discuss traffic and related issues. CC representatives would recommend the attendance of Councillors. Councillor Lang indicated that he was seeking a meeting with Christine Jardine (MP) on the traffic issues.

Chairman’s Issues

Friends of Brighouse – discussions re the Campus Playing Fields were in hand with Sports Groups, a couple of Groups were interested, also Schools where playing fields were inadequate. More info later this year.

Edinburgh Airport – nothing yet decided, CAA had rejected Airport’s Proposals and had asked for further work to be done. Questioner from floor felt that flight-paths had already changed. Chairman said there would be an independent Noise Monitoring Board chaired by a Heriot-Watt University Professor. This Board would deal with Complaints. In response to another query, Chairman said that Edinburgh City Council had no interest in the number of night-flights. However, some questioners felt protection at night was required.

Councillors’ and other Comments

Cllr Hutchison said he had voted against the Tram Extension as the corridor was already well-served by buses. Cllr Lang said that the 20mph signing had not been well organised, with some signs having to be re-located for causing obstruction. TRO in Barnton Avenue West ongoing. White road markings in Barnton Avenue/ East Barnton Avenue required to be renewed.

Contractors’ vehicles obstructing sightlines, flyposting on lamp posts.

Date of Next Meeting

  • Thursday 19 October 2017