Incorporating Cramond, Barnton, Cammo & Quality Street (West)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thurs 23rd April 2015 in

Cramond Kirk Millennium Hall

Present: Andrew Mather (Chair), Ian Williamson (Secretary), Peter Scott, Jean Morley, Ross Wilkinson, Percy Feketey, Isla Browning, Robin White, Marion Mitchell and Bert Scott

A count was not taken given the significant numbers of students (and lecturers) attending from the University of Edinburgh but approximately 90 people were in attendance, including members.

Welcome and introductions

The Chair welcomed those attending and noted apologies from Jane Neville, Eaun Pearson and Mark Whittet along with apologies from Councillors Paterson, Work and Shields.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 19 March 2015 were approved and it was noted that the section covering the presentation from David Lyon and Andrew McBride of the CEC had been cleared by them.   The Chair took the opportunity to refer to the news which had come to the CC about the decision of the Council’s Development Management Sub-Committee to refuse an application for a proposal for up to 250 houses on part of the Maybury development site.  Given the pressure on the Council to provide more houses this rejection is unexpected.

Other reports

The Secretary spoke to the written report that had been circulated.  There was an unfortunate co-incidence of the regular police report having been stood down due to the pressure on time from the University presentation at a time where there was an unprecedented incidence of criminality and especially housebreakings and attempted housebreakings in the area.  The report highlighted the need for ongoing vigilance especially moving into the holiday season where homes may be unoccupied for a period of time.  It also covered the extensive response which Police Scotland has provided in its efforts to address the problem.  The action plan matrix would be the subject of focussed consideration at the May meeting when the local CEC officials responsible would be leading the presentation on the matrix.

Presentation from Students from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

There followed a series of presentations from the students which were supported by the drawings and models on display around the hall (and on display in the Gathering Space).  Some of these were pitched at a more strategic level looking at the place of Cramond in the wider area of North West Edinburgh and considering where development may best be supported that would alleviate any further pressure  on Cramond, especially on congestion.   A concern was expressed that the community voice was not adequately being heard by the planners and developers and that as a result there was the prospect of developments taking place which would add to the pressure on the existing infrastructure – and with a serious concern the infrastructure would not then flex and grow to meet the increased demand.

On landscape the concept of Cramond as a park was developed reflecting the strong landscape and ecological values of the area. The landscape of Cramond provided a sensory and dynamic experience.   The heritage of Cramond from the Cramond Brig to the Island leant itself to the walkway becoming a heritage trail; it was suggested that the look-out tower on the Island could be refurbished as viewing towers.

The scope for improving the walled garden and woodland was covered and some of that was informed by reflecting back on what the purpose of these features had been when they were first introduced.  So much of it included strong features around which a journey could be constructed.   Sensitively managed the objective would be to create an experience achieving the right balance between concealing and revealing.

The Chair took the opportunity to thank the students and the lecturers for the time and commitment they had put into the work which had informed tonight’s presentations.  Copies of the plans and supporting documents are being provided for the Community Council.     The Community Council would come together with the other groups in the locality to review the plans and determine which could be promoted – and how – in the interests of the area.

Date of Next Meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 21 May 2015 where there will be a presentation from Darren Wraight and Audrey Primrose of the CEC’s West Partnership team.

Approved Version 21st May 2015

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