Care Home – 18 Whitehouse Road

The development planning application for a Care Home at 18 Whitehouse Road can be viewed here.

The proposal is to demolish an existing dwelling and construct a new care home and associated car parking at 18 Whitehouse Road, Edinburgh, EH4 6NN.

Cramond Action Group have set themselves up to oppose the development and their site details the development, objections and progress so far.

Cramond and Barnton Community Council have submitted their own objections and these can be viewed and/or downloaded below.

The focus of the concerns of the CC are on the proposed replacement of a single domestic dwelling with the proposed 4-storey commercial/industrial scale development on a backland site within Cramond Conservation Area, inappropriate design and use of non-traditional materials, potential lighting impacts, traffic generation, and siting nearer the western boundary with more landscape intrusion from John Muir Way and possibly River Almond Walkway during winter months, etc.