Annex to Secretary’s Report 09-14

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The draft response to the second LDP takes the form of 8 submissions the substance of which is as follows.

Cammo (HSG20) Proposals – seeking removal of Cammo housing proposals, on grounds of –

· traffic generation, increased congestion and delays, and inadequacies in roads and junctions capacity and proposed mitigation measures

· replacement green belt boundaries are not be robust or defensible. Unacceptable impacts on landscape setting of Inventory of Historic Gardens and Designed Landscape features of Maudesely Hill, Water Tower and Cammo Estate

· lack of provision of/capacity in community facilities (e.g. schools, medical facilities, community halls) in vicinity. Existing facilities are distant and require crossing of busy roads. Enhanced bus services not guaranteed.

· advocacy for inclusion of ‘East of Milburn Tower’ site as alternative to Cammo
Cammo (HSG20) Development Principles – seeking amendments, should the CC’s request for removal of the Cammo site from LDP be rejected: including –

· creating a predominantly green, landscaped frontage to Maybury Road

· protection views through the site by layout and height restrictions on housing – especially those fronting onto Maybury Road

· structural planting in advance of development to provide robust green belt boundaries· providing separate foot/cycleway in vicinity of Cammo Walk

· providing shop and other community facilities in central location to encourage sustainable travel

· installing traffic signals at Cammo Gardens and Pinegrove Gardens junction· providing narrow tree belt along northern boundary

· securing developers’ contributions towards improvements to and maintenance of Cammo Estate
Maybury (HSG19) Development Principles – seeking amendments, including –

. widening proposed woodland and grassland belt proposed along Craigs Road

. extending woodland corridor along Maybury Road boundary

. extending ‘height constraint’ zone westwards along part of Craigs Road hill ridge and indicating scale of height restrictions

. siting proposed Maybury Primary School in more central location in relation to Maybury and Cammo sites

. Also, supporting statement that ‘development should respect the ridgeline of Craigs Road and elevated slopes within the site’

d. East of Milburn Tower housing site – seeking addition of East of Milburn Tower site to housing site proposals and replacement of Cammo site with Milburn site.

e. Transport Proposals T17-19 – seeking

· more substantial proposals for improving Maybury Junction and assessment of potential for an addtional east-bound lane on approach to Maybury Junction from Gogar Roundabout

· removing reference to Craigs Road junction mitigating impacts of Maybury and Cammo developments – it will exacerbate

· more substantial improvements to Maybury junction

f. Proposals Map: North West – seeking inclusion of a ‘cycleway/footpath safeguard’ to protect access along River Almond and enabling future extension of the River Almond Walkway to Kirkliston.

g. Action Programme – seeking more substantial improvements to capacity of Barnton Junction – not just ‘smart’ traffic lights; and new signalised intersection at Cammo Gardens/Pinegrove Gardens/ Maybury Road

h. Greenspace – seeking addition of Mauseley Hill and adjacent land to Table of Greenspace Proposals as logical extension to managed greenspace at Cammo Estate.