Secretary’s Report May 2012

Local Council Election Results
We now have 2 new Councillors and one returning Councillor for the Almond Ward, which covers the area of Cramond, Barnton, D’Mains, Silverknowes, Ratho Station, Newbridge, Kirkliston and South Queensferry

Your representatives are:
Lindsay Paterson   Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Alastair Shields      Scottish Liberal Democrat
Norman Work         Scottish National Party

The Community Council looks forward to working with all three members to improve the quality of life of the residents in this area.


Barnton Hotel Site:  The McCarthy and Stone architects have phoned to say that they hope to submit the planning application for this site by the end of May. The Urban Review Panel report is available at the rear of the hall.

Cramond Place:  Still no sign of an operator being signed up so that this development can start.

Cramond Campus: We feel it is too early to contact AMA to discuss how negotiations are going on the three possible sport developments.

Letter box at Cramond: The Community Council and our MP Mike Crockett have still to hear officially on this subject from the Postal Service Director but we believe that our appeal may have been turned down.

Library Link: The Library Link will take you to the library, where you can have a chat or refreshment or there is the Housebound Delivery Service that will deliver books to your home, either fortnightly or monthly.

Blackhall Library: 0131 529 5595 or
Please let neighbours, friends and family know of this service.

Live Well in Later Life:  Please see the leaflet at the rear and again please let neighbours, friends and family know of this service.

Cammo Home Farm: Cala Homes is about to make an application for two houses to replace the old Farmhouse on Cammo Road.  This listed building which has sadly gone into a bad state of repair will require Historic Scotland approval for it’s demolition. Cala has agreed to present their plans to interested parties on Thursday 31st May at 7.30pm here in the Millennium Hall.

Revised date for Community Council Elections: We all thought that the Community Council elections were due in October of this year. As the Local Council elections are being held this year, later than in the past due to the Scottish Office decision after the debacle of the Scottish Parliamentary and the Council election of a few years ago, no more than one Scottish Election can be held in the same year.

This means that the Community Council elections will not be held until 2013. 

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