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Making your voice heard?

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Welcome to our May 2021 Newsletter.  This provides a round-up of recent work we have done on the community’s behalf.  Where there is good news, we have highlighted it with a thumbs up.   

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Andrew Mather

The members of the Cramond and Barnton Community Council are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of their Chairman, Andrew Mather.  Andrew devoted many years to the Community Council providing strong and determined leadership.  Everyone is extremely grateful for his strenuous and unstinting efforts to protect and enhance this community and the experience of living in this beautiful part of Edinburgh.

RIP Andrew

Planning matters

AMA still failing to meet planning conditions at Brighouse (former Cramond Campus)
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Despite a huge amount of local unhappiness over the last 18 years, developers AMA are asking for yet more time to provide sports pitches and facilities.  The CC objected, calling for community needs for informal recreational and amenity open-space to be met.  Next steps are for a hearing on 12 May at which the CC will be represented.

Juniper Residential retirement complex at  Barnton Ave West

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Forty four residential units in 4 townhouses and 2 apartment blocks (3 and 4 storey) overlooking the Royal Burgess Golf Course are proposed.  The CC has met (virtually) with developer representatives and, while generally welcoming the development of retirement complexes, has  expressed concern about the visual dominance of the blocks and about the Covid-insecure nature of the single entrance.  We suggested  2/3 smaller buildings instead and are worried about pressures on local health and care services.

We’ve also called for increased parking (with an underground car park), improved footpath links, safer paths and trees to screen and enhance biodiversity. 


New Watersport facility for Silverknowes Beach
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We’ve welcomed this proposal which includes changing facilities, storage, a shop and a cafe, but asked for minor relocation and controls over vehicle access and parking.  We have, however, raised concerns about toilet and shower provision, litter nuisance and seawater quality.


Cramond Public Toilets
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The City Council regards Cramond’s public toilets as not fit for purpose so we look forward to them being replaced over the next few years.

The CC has set out three possible locations: roughly the site of the present ones (ideally at foreshore level to allow easy disabled access); in the car park behind the Cramond Inn close to the steps down to the foreshore; and beside the ramp down to the foreshore at the eastern end of the car park.  A report on this and other public toilets went to the Council Committee on 22 April, without funding commitments.

Roads and Transport

Congestion on Cramond Glebe Road posing a danger to residents and visitors

Coverage in the Edinburgh Evening News has highlighted the dangers of recent parking congestion on Cramond Glebe Road. These include inadequate social distancing amongst pedestrians and blocked access for emergency vehicles.

The CC firmly believes that the closure of Silverknowes Road, which provided the next point of vehicular access to the beach, has contributed to this and we have called for it to be reopened to vehicles. Senior Council staff have dismissed claims that the closure has affected Cramond.

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Image of Cramond Glebe Road

While the recent painting of double yellow lines along the northern end of Cramond Glebe Road has certainly helped, we will continue to monitor the situation to ensure this part of our area is safe.
Separately there continues to be no date for the hearing into loading/unloading restrictions to facilitate the dangerous new care home exit onto Glebe Road.

Cammo Walk and Barnton Junction traffic management still undecided

Following years of non-productive discussions with the City Council on traffic arrangements for Cammo Walk and the Barnton junction, the CC resorted to a Community Participation Request to get the Council to engage with us.  However, after delays and three unproductive meetings, we have now suspended our involvement until Council officers come back with suggested solutions to the issues we have identified and a commitment to engage, including fielding directly involved officers.    

Cammo Road: Potential Closure

The Council is considering closure of Cammo Road west of Cammo Estate North Car Park to prevent rat-running and enhance walkers’ and cyclists’ safety.  The CC supports this in principle, but conditional on provision of traffic lights at Cammo Gardens/Maybury Road junction and possibly at Cammo Road/Queensferry Road junction.  We have suggested also that the closure be nearer Turnhouse Farm Road.

Road Safety Issues Highlighted – Cramond Brig, Brae Park Road and Cramond
Image of Cramond Brig

We raised concerns during lockdown about safety around the Miller and Carter car park – due to vehicles, on-road parking, and the number of walkers and cyclists accessing the Dalmeny Estate and cycle routes.  Brae Park Road also poses a safety issue – especially at crossing with the River Almond Walkway – due to walker/cyclist conflicts.  We are also aware of concerns regarding parking around the Cammo Estate.

Queensferry Road bus lanes

These are now in place between the Cramond Brig and the Barnton junction.  We will keep an eye on the impact of them.

Spaces For People

We have participated in two recent City Council Spaces for People consultation sessions to discuss plans to extend some of the schemes introduced under the Covid emergency provisions. No firm decisions have as yet been made.

Input to Regional Transport Strategy

The CC is providing input to consultations about the above highlighting in particular transport issues, improvements and challenges in our area as we emerge from Covid restrictions. 

Airport remobilisation

The UK government has announced £5.5m for UK airports to remobilise airspace change programmes which aim to modernise UK airspace and which were halted as a result of Covid. Our representative on the Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board will highlight issues relevant to our area. 

Other news

We continue to pursue the painting of protection lines across driveways on Whitehouse Road.


After much pressure we have not been able to get support in our attempt to persuade Samuel Smiths brewery to offer a cashless/contactless alternative at Cramond Inn.

Next meetings

The CC’s next meetings will be held virtually on Thursdays 20 May and 17 June at 19.00.  

There will be no CC meetings in July and August.  If you wish to attend CC meetings please send your name, postal and e-mail addresses to