Secretary’s Report for 23 April 2015

Planning Casework

Following objections, consultations and discussions with neighbours and the wider community the Community Council and others objected to proposals by Cala for the demolition of a traditional large dwelling to enable the development of 4 flatted blocks each containing four 4 bedroom homes.  This development was seen as contrary to the City Council’s Design brief for Barnton Avenue West and posed potential issues of traffic, flooding and drainage etc.  The development proposal has now been withdrawn.

Police Report

Pressure on time on the 23rd has caused us to stand down the routine Police report that is a regular feature at CC meetings.   It is regrettable that this has occurred at a time when there has been an increase in criminality in the area and in particular in the form of housebreakings and attempted housebreakings.  We expect a full report to be given at the next meeting on 21 May.  It is evident from briefings we have received from the police since the March meeting that they continue to devote not inconsiderable resources towards trying to address the incidence of break-ins.

The messages about vigilance and watching for anything suspicious are undiminished.  So too are taking steps to improve the security of your homes, garages and sheds and about paying particular attention to where you keep your car keys; if they are convenient and easy for you to lay your hands on chances are they are convenient and easy for thieves for lay hands on.   Keep valuable items locked away especially if they are items of sentimental value that could not be replaced if stolen.  Also as we move towards the holiday period keep an eye open for anyone acting suspiciously especially around homes that you know to be unoccupied because people are away.

Finally,  think about whether you would wish to take advantage of the Smartwater protection process, whereby you can purchase and apply small amount of Smartwater to articles to be protected (these can include garden implements, bicycles and items of jewellery) and this gives a unique code which the Police and others can read using UV lighting.  In short where items are stolen then the application of the Smartwater means that attempts to sell them on can be thwarted by the fact they can be recognised and linked back to you as the owner.   The deterrent aspects of the system are significant.  Further details can be viewed at and a basic home protection pack can be purchased from the website at £25 using the promotional code MYCPHAV.

Dementia Support in the Community   

The Cramond dementia lunch club would like to thank those residents and others who voted in support of the club in the Waitrose monthly charity donation.  The club will as a result receive £370 from Waitrose which will meet the costs of an outing to be provided for attendees at the club.

Action Plan Matrix 

The next update on the action plan will be subsumed into the presentation to be given by Darren Wraight and Audrey Primrose at the meeting on Thursday 21st May.  I shall be meeting with them on 4 May in an effort to engender some sense of urgency into a process that is frankly in danger of withering such is the absence of progress on so many key issues.  Two weeks ago I happened upon an old e-mail trail dating back to Spring 2011 where the Council were at that time on the point of addressing the issue of traffic congestion on Cramond Glebe Road at peak times over summer weekends.

No real progress has been made in all this time.   Recent spells of good weather has once again seen scenes of gridlock as car drivers try to get in to or out of Cramond at peak times.  The Coastguard has struggled to get down into the Village to access the foreshore so as to evacuate people from Cramond Island.  Some old infirm residents have been unable to get out of the Village to visit relatives.  The situation is unacceptable and a solution is urgently required.   This is of course only one of a number of issues that have stalled – but it is the one which is in desperate need of resolution.


Ian Williamson


23 April 2015

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